I Chose Art
I Chose Art
by Dani Lyn Ayee



about I Chose Art

I Chose Art is a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog created by Dani Lyn Ayee. As a beauty enthusiast, professional vacationer and content creator, you can look forward to wide variety of posts. Lovingly nicknamed "DaniDIY" by her close friends, expect to also find crafty posts about everything from handmade floral sunglasses to hand knitted scarves. I Chose Art is a collection of photos, videos and blurbs from Dani's life at home, abroad and with all of the people who inspire her along the way.


why is it called I Chose Art? 

When given the choice to have a traditional 9-5 job, Dani chose instead to live life by her own choosing. By literally choosing art, she has made a statement to the world that she believes in her own abilities and talents and would rather share her gifts and make her own life path than to follow the one that is expected. When asked what is it she wants to do for the rest of your life, she simply replied: "I Chose Art".


about Dani Lyn Ayee

With over 12 years of experience in experiential brand marketing, and a background in fashion, beauty and photography, Dani Lyn Ayee is a creative professional with a plethora of skills and interests. A natural born hustler, she has been working professionally as a freelance photographer, videographer and marketing communications specialist by day, and working on several personal projects by night. As someone who loves to help others as well as share ideas and knowledge, blogging was a natural step to take when deciding how to share her expertise. Dani is currently working on a new joint venture entitled The Girl Gang Collective which is a girl power movement & creative networking collective, co-founded by herself and Mya Sheffield. The newly established collective is a network of content creators, entrepreneurs and artists working towards the same goal of collaborative promotion, support and creative guidance. Its aim is to serve as a positive and empowering space for females to collaborate and create dope shit.

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